Crystal Reiki & Tarot Reading at the Quantum Light Annex!

Crystal Reiki & Tarot Reading at the Quantum Light Annex! 
February 23-26, 2022 with Wendy Ohlendorf.

About your session:
Wendy Ohlendorf, Portland native now residing in Florida, is a long time friend of the Quantum Light Annex. Wendy is the Proprietress of Mermaid Mercantile, a metaphysical shop in Gulfport, Florida. An avid collector of crystals for metaphysical and healing purposes, she has combined traditional Usui Reiki with crystal healing for a rich experience. This practice flows Reiki and crystal energy where you need it most. Prior to your session we will discuss areas of concern, your custom tailored treatment, and post session grounding for optimal results. Your one on one experience includes: chakra balancing and alignment, energy clearing, concentrated Crystal Reiki energy. Look forward to: stress relief, pain relief, elevated mood and restful sleep

• Crystal Reiki (1 hour) – $65

• Energy Clearing (10 minutes) – $8

• Tarot and Oracle reading (30 minutes) – $37

• Quick Card Pull (15 minutes) – $11

Contact the Quantum Light Annex at [email protected] to schedule!

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